19. Mexico City. I make music.
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Self Portrait ended up including two out the four original tracks and it’s available now for download! 

01 - Dance Therapy (Original Mix)
02 - Dwell Upon The Memories (Original Mix)
03 - Mistakes (Original Mix)
04 - Five (Original Mix)

Self Portrait is the latest project I’ve come up with. It contains a total of 4 tracks and is inspired by what I thought of during long, sleepless nights.

The EP itself is still a Work In Progress due to the fact I’m still working on the sound design and chord progressions. Mixing and Mastering will be done properly and I’m hoping to release it by my 20th birthday on August 29th.

I’m dividing the project in the following stages…

Stage ONE: Layout of the tracks.
Stage TWO: Sound Design, Pre-Mixdown.
Stage THREE: Mixdown.
Stage FOUR: Mastering.

I’m currently on Stage TWO so I won’t be allowing downloads just yet (Self Portrait will be FREE, though!) but if you like what you hear then don’t forget to tell a friend, your mom, your dad, play it for your dog or pet snake, share it; and if you happen to have a SoundCloud account, like it and/or leave a comment.

Thank you.

Enjoy, everyone! Your support makes me work harder as days go by.